Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Blogger Award & Recognition

To my surprise, I received a lovely email from Kristi at Veggie Converter letting me know she tagged me for a blogger award! Thank you so much for the recognition and honor. :]

The rules of the award are as follows:
  • Share 7 things about yourself
  • Award 15 recently discovered great bloggers
  • Contact these bloggers and tell them about the award
My seven things..

1. I am forever in school: I have a B.B.A. in International Business and Management. During my undergraduate years, I also received my minor in Asian Languages & Literature (focus in Japanese) and studied abroad in London and also in Tokyo (to finish the said minor). Currently, I am pursuing a second bachelor's degree (B.A.) in Biology. 

2. I hope to go into the pre-health field: (one day). I went back to school in order to do this. After finishing my business degree, I realized I would never be satisfied or happy doing corporate business (despite I actually really enjoy management and the straight-forwardness of business [usually]). I need to help people or animals. Becoming vegan taught me that it is much more fulfilling to help those around you than to ever help yourself.

3. I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area: Born and raised (and proud)! My whole family is from there. My grandmother was born in San Francisco in 1899, though she missed the Great Earthquake in 1906 because they had moved back to Pennsylvania to live with the rest of the family that had immigrated there from Ireland before the Civil War. They came back to SF in 1908, though. Growing up in SF gave me a variety of cultural experiences that I feel so blessed to have. The weather isn't bad either! 

4. I work as a Chicago Outreach Coordinator for Mercy For Animals: I help with a variety of tasks including leafleting, feed-in's, peaceful protests, and all the social networking. I was honored with the Youth Activist of the Year Award in 2009 at the Celebrating Compassion Gala.

5. There are only five places I wish to live one day: 1. Austin, TX. - 2. SF Bay Area - 3. Big Island of HI - 4. Irish countryside - 5. London. A bit all over, yes? Notice there isn't a whole lot of snow in any of those areas. I'm okay with rain!

6. I have two blind cats: who are my best friends! Popeye is my oldest cat and he only has one eye. That eye is about half blind with scar tissue. Lucy is my new kitten who has no eyes at all! They are such good cats who show great resilience despite the odds.

7. I would love to live out of a suitcase forever: if I could. Traveling is one of my favorite things and I get very antsy if I sit in one place for too long. I love culture and experiencing new people and places. Right now, I would love to visit South Africa or India. Oftentimes, I feel sort of torn between craving a more domestic life (hello, blind cats) or never staying still.

15 of my favorites:

Okay, so these are not "recently" discovered, but these blogs are some of my favorites.

1. Vegan Machine - I just discovered VM through Twitter... her cupcakes look so divine!

Vegan Dad - VD and I go way back. I've been using and loving this blog for a few years.

3. Vegalicious - The same goes for Vegelicious. Been loving them for years.

Meet the Shannons - Okay, okay. I know everyone knows about this blog but I LOVE IT SO MUCH! Betty Crocker gone vegan?!

5. Your Vegan Mom - I don't have kids, but this blog is too cute.

VeganYumYum - This blog is quite popular, but I love how she veganizes many Asian dishes.

7. a cupcake chronicle - This is my friend's (and also former Mercy For Animals intern) blog! She loves cupcakes and she can sure make them. :]

Comfort Food Vegan - The name says it all, right? Comfort food!
9. Vegan.com - Great news outlet for all things vegan. Have you read the Ultimate Vegan Guide yet? Erik has it posted for free on his website. Check it out!

FatFree Vegan Kitchen - Another popular blog but I love using her recipes for weeknight cooking. I usually just search by a vegetable I want to use and find something that works!

My Vintage Cookbook Addiction - Inspired my "Dishes Men Like" posts. Love the Etsy shop too.

12. seitan is my motor - I've used quite of few of their recipes before. Enjoyed them very much.

Tofu for Two - Same applies as above. There are quite a few European recipes for those who want to try something new (us Americans).

14. Bobby Pin Blog - Vintage hair. 'Nough said.

Firewater Kitchen - This is my friend's blog. We co-blogged the French Onion Soup recipe. For those of you who like your libations, mosey over to his blog (it's a booze blog).
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