Friday, March 20, 2009

Happy Veg Valentine's Day!

I made this little guy from this recipe. Quite cute, huh? I did not use the baking trays as she suggests, but rather souffle bowls which worked just as well. They were sort of small because of that. Needless-to-say, tasty and cute! I made them for my dad and myself for Valentine's Day dinner along with ratatouille which was quite the hit, much more so than the heart-shaped lasagna, actually. As a starter, I made vegan cream of mushroom soup. I was a big fan of it, but my parents didn't like it too much. Who knew they were not cream of ______ soup fans? It was nothing personal against the soup, apparently.

Heart-Shaped Lasagna: 3.5/5
Ratatouille: 5/5
Cream of Mushroom Soup: 4/5

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