Thursday, March 19, 2009

Vegan Chicago: Greenheart & Peaceful Mingling

Greenheart is a Chicago non-profit, eco-friendly, fair trade boutique. It has household items, food, jewelry and clothing from all over the world.

Tonight they had a wine and chocolate tasting featuring fair trade wine from South Africa, Stellar Organics, and fair trade chocolate from Ghana, Divine Chocolate. While not all Divine Chocolate is vegan, the 70% Dark Chocolate and the Mint Dark Chocolate bars are. The woman at the table explained how chocolate was produced and the lives of the farmers. It was quite informative. The website tells the story of the company.

It seems that Stellar Organics has a number of vegan wines, if not all of them. I was unaware of this when I went tonight, so I refrained from trying any. Here is a list of their wines that are in fact vegan.

To note: Another helpful website when trying to drink alcohol and keep vegan is Barnivore. Most helpful when you can upload it from your phone at a bar or the market.

This website tells one the basic reasons as to why many wines and beers are not vegan. Good news for you cheap wino's out there, most Yellowtail is vegan (at least the red is). Sadly, Franzia is not. No boxed wine for us vegans. :[


The inside of Greenheart:

In memory of the cyclist on LaSalle St.

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