Vegan Miss’ recipes are posted here as well as on VegWeb. VegWeb has often posted Miss Lexy's recipes on their Twitter, Facebook, and weekly e-newsletter. has highlighted Vegan Miss' version of Crab Bisque and Stuffed Crust Pizza. Upton's Naturals has posted Vegan Miss recipes that contain their hip seitan on their recipe blog too.

fuck yeah vegan pizza has blogged Miss Lexy's Deep Dish Pizza, Stuffed Crust Pizza, Mummy Pizzas, Mushroom & Kale Pizza with Truffle Oil, Deep Dish Pizza Photo From the Chicago Vegan Chef Showdown, Ian's Pizza Chicago Post, & Santullo's Eatery Post on their tumblr blog. 

VegNews Magazine posted Vegan Miss’ vegan cheese tortellini recipe on their website as well as the recipe for homemade potato, onion, & cheeze pierogies.

On July 23, 2011, Vegan Miss participated in the first ever Chicago Vegan Chef Showdown hosted by Upton's Naturals with proceeds going to Mercy For Animals.

Below are some comments Miss Lexy has received: 
  • “You. Are. Amazing. You have proved that a world of amazing food is still available to those who are vegan."  
  • “I just finished making this sandwich and quite honestly, it was the best sandwich I have ever had. Even before I gave up meat, I have never had a better pulled pork sandwich. Thanks so much for the recipe! I think I'm going to have to go make another one.” - Pulled Pork Sandwiches
  • “I just wanted to say thank you for this blog post. You've given me hope. My friend is currently in Japan and he just posted photos of his visit to Ninja Akasaka. It made me a bit depressed thinking about, as a vegetarian, how difficult it would be trying to have fun eating out at somewhere like that. So I did a search for "ninja akasaka vegetarian" and found your blog :)” – Vegan Tokyo 
  • “This recipe is so wonderful, so versatile that its one of the best I ever found here. Use what you have left over, use what is rapidly approaching fail date, use your favorites..ITS THAT GOOD!! THANK YOU VEGAN MISS!!!” – Vegan Fried Rice via VegWeb 
  • “this is an amazing substitute!!! i cant believe how much it tastes like the real thing!! i love you hard for creating this” – Tzatziki Sauce via VegWeb 
  • “Awesome flavor!  I had to adjust the ingredients slightly based on what I had, only had time to simmer wheat meat an hour but it still came out delicious.  Next time I"ll make sure to get all the seasonings right to make it even more flavorful. Thanks!” – Seitan via VegWeb 
  • “I totally just made this, sans liquid smoke, for a group of real Southern people (Now in Utah) who are omni's and they LOVED it! They did not even miss the bacon they complained about not being in there. Sooooo, LOVE!” – Southern Greens via VegWeb 
  • “Hands down best homemade pizza crust (and sauce!) recipe I've tried.” – Deep Dish Pizza via VegWeb 
  • “Try this recipe! It's very adaptable and very tasty :]” – Chili via VegWeb 
  • “This turned out awesome! Very very yummy. This was my first stab at making french onion soup, so thanks for the recipe!” – French Onion Soup via VegWeb 
  • “Tangy and hearty.  The homemade dressing was great.” – Greek Salad via VegWeb 
  • “Looks really good! I LOVE Giardiniera and also don't like the spicy stuff, I need to try making it!” – Italian “Beef” Sandwich with Homemade Giardiniera 
  • “Wow! This is a fabulous meal. It all looks delicious. I am adding the ingredients to my shopping list right now. I love brown bread. Can't wait to try it.” – Stew, Brown Bread, & Stout Cake 
  • “Wow, what a great looking meal. I love love love tiramisu.” - Raw Kale Salad, Spaghetti & Heart-Shaped Meatballs, Tiramisu, & Caprese Martinis 
  • “The entire meal looks gorgeous, I am especially enthused over the salad though. It looked absolutely perfect!” - Raw Kale Salad, Spaghetti & Heart-Shaped Meatballs, Tiramisu, & Caprese Martinis 
  • “holy guacamole! i've just found your blog and already i've found a keeper recipe! this sounds absolutely wonderful and i can hardly wait to try it! thank you for sharing!” - Shrimp Scampi & Balsamic Sage Butter Tortellini
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