About Vegan Miss

Compassion and kindness are the keys. Share it with all creatures, big and small.

Vegan Miss is run by your friendly blog doll, Miss Lexy. She started this blog mainly as a way to showcase her vegan recipes which she also posts on VegWeb. There is information about vegan events and activism within Chicago too. Vegan Miss includes reviews of cookbook recipes, products, and worldwide vegan-friendly restaurants. As Miss Lexy has a passion for globe trotting, there are guide posts for vegans in the various places she has been.

When Miss Lexy is not blogging, she is working as a Chicago Outreach Coordinator for Mercy For Animals. She also works for a luxury dog boutique in downtown Chicago where she sells cute things for small pooches (best job ever). She is studying biology for a second bachelor’s degree while her first one is in business and Japanese.

Miss Lexy
Miss Lexy has many enjoyments in life including, but not limited to, volunteering at animal shelters, tattoos, retro hair creations, vintage/antique/thrift shopping, Etsy, coffee, cute toys, photo booths, Hello Kitty, sushi, London, snow cones, poodles in handbags, Snoopy, vegan anything, world traveling, vinyl records, Cats 101, going to the ballet, Japan, cemeteries, cooking, baking, classic cars, poodles, blind kitties, old video game systems, farmer’s markets, organic produce, crafting, historical war documentaries, Victorian mourning rituals, fine wine and dining, kindness, and early 1960’s girl bands.

Lucy (left) & Popeye (right)

Your blog doll grew up in the loveliest place on earth, the San Francisco Bay Area. She has also studied and lived in London and Tokyo. Currently, she has resided in Chicago for a number of years with her two rescued blind kitties, Popeye and Lucy, and a lovely organic balcony garden. She has been vegan for five years.

Popeye is Miss Lexy’s main man. In the future, she would like to move somewhere with nice weather where she can grow her own food and live with many animals. One day, she will own a tiny toy poodle named Coco Chanel. Miss Lexy will be seen driving a strawberry milkshake colored 1959 Firedome DeSoto with her poodle in a handbag in the passenger seat. It is her mission in life to be a vegan, tattooed Betty Crocker. ♥

Photo Credit (of Miss Lexy): Sam Chen
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