Thursday, April 12, 2012

Product Review: Follow Your Heart Tartar Sauce, Horseradish Sauce, Caesar Dressing, & Citrus Poppy Seed Dressing

Follow Your Heart has come out with a bunch of new products lately including a variety of salad dressings like creamy garlic, honey mustard, lemon herb, Caesar, sesame dijon, sesame miso, thousand island, oil-free French dijon, oil-free citrus poppy seed, oil-free tamari miso, and the list just keeps going on. They now also have sauces and marinades like barbeque sauce and balsamic vinaigrette sauce. Also new is their own sour cream and cream cheese. Of course, there is always their line of cheeses and vegan mayonnaise varieties.

From Vegenaise, they have made a variety of different sauce like the tartar sauce, horseradish sauce, and pesto mayonnaise. I have to admit, I fan girl-ed a bit when I heard and saw Follow Your Heart come out with so many new products at once (so awesome). I found the tartar sauce, horseradish sauce, and a bunch of their salad dressing at my local grocery store in Chicago, Treasure Island. I'm sure they are at health food stores and Whole Foods around the nation by now. 

The tartar sauce is not bad. It's not as good as the horseradish sauce, but it isn't anything I would say is super special. If you want convenience, this is your sauce for vegan seafood-y type things like my tempeh crab cakes. I liked my lemon dill tartar sauce better. You could easily make it with Vegenaise too.

The horseradish sauce is pretty tasty. I'm a fan. Once again, this is purely for convenience I would imagine because you could just make this yourself with some vegan mayo and horseradish. Out of these two sauces, if you are going to try one, I recommend picking up this one. It's tangy and delicious.

Now, I've tried two of their new salad dressings, the Caesar and the citrus poppy seed. I really enjoyed the Caesar. I'm not sure if there are even other vegan Caesar dressing on the market, but this did not disappoint. I would most definitely buy this dressing again. I have my own Caesar dressing, but this is a quicky solution. The citrus poppy seed was kind of your run of the mill poppy seed dressing. Nothing too special. It is nice that it is oil-free. I wasn't over the moon about this dressing and probably wouldn't buy it again in order to try one of the others Follow Your Heart just came out with.

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