Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Product Review: Earth Balance Original Mayo

Earth Balance released their new vegan mayonnaise lines recently. The company is mostly popular for their array of vegan butters. With other products such as Vegenaise and Nayonaise out there, it didn't surprise me that the company wanted to add more products. Personally, I hate Nayonaise. It has an awful aftertaste. I refuse to use it unless I can mask the taste of it somehow (then what is the point of really using that brand, right?). So, for many years now, I have sworn by Vegenaise.

To keep pledging my allegiance to Vegenaise or to branch out and try a new vegan mayonnaise? Well, I can't resist new vegan products. I'm like a very excited child when I get to the grocery store and I find a company has released something new.

Nutritionally speaking, Vegenaise and Earth Balance match up. For one serving, 14 oz., each is 90 calories. The total fat is also the same. Earth Balance does have a little less sodium, 70 mg versus Vegenaise's 85 mg. The only real difference in the ingredients is that Earth Balance uses "pea protein" while Vegenaise uses "non-GMO soy protein".

Overall, I found out that I enjoyed Earth Balance's original mayonnaise very much. Even better that Vegenaise (shock and horrors!). It has a tangy taste (which I prefer - I have a very sour taste palate). I think this would be great for dressings like making homemade ranch or caesar dressing. If you want a more plain taste of "mayonnaise", I would still go for Vegenaise. I haven't tried the Earth Balance on a sandwich or bread yet, but some people may not care for the tangy taste it holds. I give the Earth Balance mayo a 4.5/5 stars! I leave off half a point just in case someone doesn't care for the tang. 


Jen @ Lita's World said...

oh how exciting...I haven't seen it in the stores yet, but now I'll definitely be on the lookout...thanks for the update...I'm with you on the Nayonaise the Vegenaise much better.

Anonymous said...

Sodium isn't the issue, it's the amount of fat grams per serving that can deleteriously affect your health, and you didn't bother to check into it.

Nayo and EB are both high in nutritionally useless non-real food oil/fat.

Make your own using tofu. It's healthier.

Miss Lexy said...

Hi anonymous,

Thanks for commenting. As I said, the total fat is the same. Vegenaise and EB are both 9g of fat per serving. Essentially, it is the same product. Here: Click on the nutritional facts tab. And: . I don't claim to know anything special about nutrition. All I did was scan each label. Anyways, I'm sure there are recipes on the net for making your own vegan mayo with tofu which is great and I'd love to try it sometime. I've tried in the past experimenting myself and it didn't turn out so well. For people who don't want to make something like vegan mayo themselves, these products are great and easy to find. I like to show my support for vegan companies and their products which is why I have this review up.

I hope this clarifies what I was talking about.

Thanks for reading!

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